On November 17, 2013, the WCDR is sponsoring a workshop presented by Rich Helms, titled “Produce Your Own Book Trailer.” Please click here to read more about the workshop, and/or to register. If you’re publishing a book, these days you have to consider having a book trailer made. Sharon Overend, Workshop Coordinator for the WCDR, gives us the 6 reason why you need a book trailer:

1) A promotional tool to sell your book: A book trailer is a marketing tool to assist authors, illustrators, and publishers in promoting a book by creating a viral marketing campaign online. Like its cousin, the movie trailer, a book trailer is designed to create buzz for your book and drive your sales up, up and up.

2) Reach more readers: A well-produced book trailer will help you reach an audience far beyond your friends and family. People go online to find information and to be entertained, so if your trailer is there, people will find it. Your trailer can reach out and find your unique audience, wherever they may be, and that will generate more interest in your work and boost your sales.

3) Better than an elevator pitch: In one minute or less you can tap into the visual, auditory, and emotional senses of your potential reader with a book trailer. A trailer says far more than a bit of text on the back of a book cover. A picture speaks a thousand words. By adding a voice-over, music, and other effects, you’ve just said ten thousand words.

4) Drive traffic to your author sites and social media: Trailers are the perfect tool for marketing your site, social media sites, book review sites, blogs, online magazines, etc. This marvelous tool can increase traffic, boost your subscriber list, and hike your sales.

5) A professional touch: Whether your book is self-published, published by a small press, or released by a large publisher, a book trailer will enhance your professional look and brand you as the author promoting interest in your work and generating future sales and book deals.

6) Book trailers are important to readers: A trailer sets the scene for the book, creates tension and pace, and engages the imagination–all the things readers look for in a good story. The trailer can encourage a reader’s decision to buy, giving an instant visual to whet the appetite. And a book trailer sparks an instant human connection between the author and the reader, winning not just a reader for this work, but a fan for the writer over a lifetime of work.

And now for what a few WCDR members have to say about book trailers…

“The reactions have been amazing. A colleague told me that she kept meaning to get the book but, after she watched the trailer, she went to that night to Book City to buy it because ‘Now I had to read it.’”
~ Ruth E. Walker, author of Living Underground.

“Book trailers are becoming an essential marketing tool. I wish I had done it prior to the launch so I could have hit the ground running with some really good publicity, but live and learn.”
~ Lisa Llamrei, author of Reflections of the Gods.

I have to admit that I have yet to see my first book trailer. What gets me to buy a book is reading the first page, but…now I’m thinking the book trailer would probably be a great tool to steer me to particular books whose first pages I could test out. What are your thoughts on book trailers? Have you watched any? Have you ever bought a book after seeing its trailer?

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