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“When we’re not writing, we’re probably reading.”

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RAW is a where the concept of “reading as a writer” is dissected and explored. Whether you’re reading for pleasure, reading for research, reading to learn about writing, or reading a piece with the intent of giving its author feedback, you’re doing so with your writer’s eyes. What does that mean? There are many answers to that question. RAW is where writers come together to discuss, share, and learn more about their reading experience.

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Want to know more about RAW? Check out the first blog post by M-E Girard for the revamping and relaunch of the website in December 2012.

RAW is brought to you by the Writers’ Community of Durham Region and is primarily aimed at its members, as well as the members of its sister organizations, the Writers’ Community of York Region, and the Writers’ Community of Simcoe County.

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Your RAW Coordinator is M-E Girard, board member of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region. M-E is the primary contributor and editor of the Reading As Writers blog, and the facilitator of the online critique group, RAW Critters.
Email: rawcoordinator@wcdr.org


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