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The online critique group of Reading As Writers


NOTE: RAW Critters is full and not currently accepting any new members. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please contact M-E Girard.


Do you think of yourself as being in the middle of “beginning writer” and “intermediate writer”?

Are you looking for a flexible writing circle?

Are you a member of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region?



What is RAW Critters?

RAW Critters is an online critique group for members of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region facilitated by M-E Girard, RAW Coordinator, through the Reading As Writers website.

Why was RAW Critters created?

Meeting in person isn’t always feasible, but writers who are committed to improving their craft can still find a way to connect with other writers—and RAW Critters was created for exactly that purpose. Members of RAW Critters will meet online regularly, with critiques and discussions happening in the official RAW Critters forum/message boards.

Who can join this group?

This group is only open to members of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region. (For membership information, click here.)

Writers of fiction, regardless of genre, are welcome to express their interest in joining the group. M-E Girard believe that a writer’s critical eye and enthusiasm for experiencing other emerging writers’ works will prove beneficial to all members, regardless of what their comfort zone in writing and reading might be.

The focus will be on developing a critical eye while reading, and exploring and discussing the elements of fiction, with the aim of expanding knowledge and skill of writing.

 How Can You Join?

You must be a member of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR).

Note: This group is currently not accepting any new members. For any inquiries, contact M-E Girard.

About the facilitator:

M-E Girard holds a certificate of accreditation from the WCDR for her successful completion of the Training for Writing Circle Facilitators workshop. She has experience with writing circles (having belonged to 3), critique partners, beta reading, and regularly critiques other writers’ works. As RAW Coordinator, M-E manages this resource website, which is specifically aimed at exploring the concept of reading as a writer, and critique/feedback is an important aspect of this.

Got a Question about RAW Critters?

Contact M-E Girard, RAW Coordinator and Member-at-Large for the Writers’ Community of Durham Region, at rawcoordinator@wcdr.org or m.e.girard.writer@gmail.com

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